1936 Berlin Olympic Games

Berlin put up a very good show. The facilities were excellent. The streets were cleaned and all signs of the state -organised anti-Jewish campaign were removed.

The 1936 Berlin Olympics attracted more countries and more athletes than any previous Olympics. Forty-nine countries and 4,066 athletes participated.

The story of Hitler’s “snub” of Owens is often told, but it’s not really accurate. Hitler actually snubbed Cornelius Johnson (another black American) ,who won the high jump. That evening, Hitler was told by the IOC, that he should congratulate either all of the winners or none of them. He decided to congratulate none.

Apart from Owens, other outstanding athletes in the 1936 games included the French cyclists, Robert Charpentier and Guy Lapebie. Charpentier won three gold medals, Lapebie two golds and a silver.

Finally, the 17-year-old Dutch swimmer, Hendrika “Rie” Mastenbroek, won three golds and a silver.She was the most successful female athlete in Berlin.

Germany won 33 golds and and won the medal
count with a total of 89 medals. Most medals were won in gymnastics.
Germany won only 5 golds in track and field (athletics) events.
On the right is a photo of Gottard Handrick, Germany’s modern pentathlon champion.Basketball was included for the first time in the Olympic program.
The US won the gold, beating Canada 19-8.

Finally, men’s swimming was dominated by the Japanese. They won four of the six events. Holland won four of the five women’s events.

Australia in the1936 Berlin Olympic Games






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