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Job Working location Invite applications Issue date Closing date
信息技术 姑苏 综合管理部 2016-5-19 2016-5-31
人造板工艺 姑苏 制造事业部 2016-5-19 2016-5-31
机械设计 姑苏 手艺中央 2016-5-19 2016-5-31

Recruitment flow

(I) Online applications Resume: -菲律宾太阳娱乐城 

Visit official website to submit your resume through the Sufoma machinery co., LTD. 

(II), Participate in campus recruitment1: 

The recruitment of specific time and place please note the company recruitment website and the school employment information network or the latest information on the poster in colleges and universities.2. If the job is not in your school, welcome you to we talk to the nearest school to attend. 

(III), Written examination and interview: 

1. Through the first round resume screening, we will be a variety of ways such as E-mail, SMS or telephone invite you to attend the written test, interview, please keep clear of contact information. 

2. Would you please carry the following data arrive at the appointed place on time to attend the written test interview:-太阳城娱乐官方网站 

1) The original employment recommendation table and personal resume in detail; 

2) The university English level certificate original and photocopy; 

3) Build official seal of the school study report card original and photocopy; 

4) Other can prove your ability and performance of the original and copy of the data. 

(IV), Employment contract  

After the written examination, interview, if you received a formal offer, please prepare the following information to the designated place to sign: 

1. The original recommendation table (theology and the employment guidance center after affix one's seal effect, be short of one cannot); 

2. The original transcript (come into force after the departments or by the office of affix one's seal); 

3. The national ordinary higher school graduates employment agreement in quadruplicate. 

4. The university English level certificate or transcript (the copy of pay check the original); 

5. A copy of id card. 

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