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  April 21), the three-day 2016 tenth south China stainless steel in Foshan city, Guangdong province Shunde exhibition center exhibition, the exhibition by Guangdong association of stainless steel materials and products, the China council for the promotion of international trade commission of Foshan, Foshan into exhibition company, Foshan into exhibition company to undertake, is a high degree of specialization of stainless steel in south China exhibition event, brought together a group of famous high quality, new brand suppliers, based on numerous on the innovation of stainless steel tube products new products with advanced equipment. Our company for the first time to participating the event, opening day has attracted from all over the country dealers and end users, overseas buyers to come to the meeting high quality buyers. 

  Sufoma metal sander carefully prepared, with the exquisite technical level, high performance processing quality once again become a big window in the same industry. Has attracted many domestic and foreign businessmen to stop with the advisory negotiations. There are quite a few are looking for dealer, encountered in the process of technical problems after Sufoma engineer of technical guidance and process optimization, greatly satisfied with numerous customers and their purchase intention. South China stainless steel stainless steel industry supply and demand both sides success has set up a professional platform for the seamless docking, face to face with communication.-澳门太阳城娱乐城 


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